Not Just Water

… also resource economics, policy analysis and why not, music!

About me

DSC00994Hello! I am a water and energy researcher, Ph.D. candidate at the Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Department at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and a graduate student researcher at the Agriculture & Resource Economics Department at the University of California, Davis.

My interest in water management has early beginnings, since I grew up in a small town in the Jucar riverside —Fortaleny—, with constant floods and also with an old and dense water infrastructure network that supplies the historic irrigation areas of the Jucar Riverside.

My Ph.D. topic is: “The Water-Energy Nexus: a bottom-up approach for basin-wide management”, and it tries to develop a hydro-economic model of water management at basin scale including the water balance (traditional models) and the energy related with the entire water cycle. I will follow a bottom-up approach to characterize water and water-related energy demands by different sectors (agricultural, urban and industrial), and which incentives and strategies may be implemented in order to get a more efficient water-energy use at each sector. I will integrate the different modeling scales, including in the upper scales the results obtained in the lower ones, in order to analyze the policies taken and the expected results in the global basin analysis.

I am also interested in resource economics —water and energy fundamentally— and in policy analysis related with infrastructures or publlic commodities.

Furthermore, I am a inveterate music lover, amateur musician —tenor sax is my main instrument— and in-home LP reviewer. My influences range from jazz to 70’s rock, and from traditional songwriters to stylish new bands.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Great! Good start.

  2. Great initiative my multitalented friend 😉

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