Not Just Water

… also resource economics, policy analysis and why not, music!


Research interests:

  • Water-food-energy-climate systems interdependence.
  • Hydroeconomic modeling.
  • Agricultural and resource economics.
  • Climate change impacts, mitigation, and adaptation.
  • Integrated hydro-environmental and energy resource planning and management.
  • Environmental policy.
  • Hydro-informatics.


  • PhD, Water and Environmental Engineering (2015)

Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

Dissertation: The water-energy nexus: a “bottom-up” approach for basin wide management

Advisers: Jay R. Lund, Ph.D., Manuel Pulido-Velazquez, Ph.D.

  • MS, Agricultural & Resource Economics (2014)

University of California, Davis (USA)

  • MS, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (2012)

Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

Thesis title: A hydro-economic analysis of climate change adaptive strategies for water resource management systems: Application in the Jucar River Basin (Spain).

Advisers: Manuel Pulido-Velazquez, Ph.D., David Pulido-Velazquez, Ph.D.

  • BS, Civil Engineering (2008)

Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

Research experience:

2015 – Present:   Junior Specialist Researcher at the Center for Watershed Sciences of the University of California, Davis.

2010 – Present:   PhD student at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) granted by the Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Commission.

2013 – 2014:   Graduate Student Researcher at the Center for Watershed Sciences. University of California, Davis (USA).

2004 – 2006:   Research intern at the Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering (IIAMA) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Responsibilities: Hydrologic modeling of land use changes in eastern Spain basins.

Professional Experience:

Civil Engineer at a Vielca Ingenieros, S.A. (Spain) [2008 – 2012]

  • Responsibilities: design and supervision of civil engineering projects, most of them related with land planning, hydrologic assessment, hydraulic infrastructures and road design.
  • Main projects as a principal engineer designer:

“Riola’s freeway variant (Valencia)” for the Valencia Regional Authority.

“Water supply design of the Low-Turia Irrigation Sector (Valencia)” for the Low-Turia Irrigation Community.

“Optimization of the energy consumption of the sewer network of Denia (Alacant)” for the city council of Denia (Alacant).

“Redesign of Ojos Negros Green Belt between Altura and the A-23 Highway (Castelló)” for the City Council of Altura.

  • Main projects as a principal engineer supervisor:

 – “Urbanization of Camí del Corral del Batlle y Vial VDL in Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia)” for the City Council of Sagunt.

“Urbanization of Conarda and Les Peñes in Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia)” for the City Council of Pobla de Vallbona.

Public Works Supervisor at Canals City Council (Spain) [2004 – 2008]

  • Responsibilities: supervision of public work constructions for the city council, most of them related with urban land development.

Volunteer at “Engineering without borders, Spain” [2006-2012]

  • I collaborated in projects that were developed in Nicaragua, Argentina and Burkina Faso, mainly focused in small agricultural development, water infrastructure and education. I did field work on Nicaragua for three months.


Optimal residential water conservation strategies considering related energy in California. Escriva-Bou, A., Lund, J. R., & Pulido-Velazquez, M. (2015). Water Resources Research, n/a-n/a. doi: 10.1002/2014WR016821

“Modeling residential water and related energy, carbon footprint and costs in California”. Alvar Escriva-Bou, Lund, J. R., & Pulido-Velazquez, M. (2015). Environmental Science & Policy, 50(0), 270-281. doi:

“Optimizing the dammed: Water supply losses and fish habitat gains from dam removal in California”, by Sarah Null, Josue Medellin-Azuara, Alvar Escriva-Bou, Michelle Lent and Jay Lund. Journal of Environmental Management 136 (2014) 121-131.

“Análisis hidroeconómico de la adaptación al cambio climático en sistemas de gestión de recursos hídricos. Aplicación a la cuenca del Júcar¨. Alvar Escriva-Bou. Master Thesis. Universitat Politècnica de València (2012).

Papers in preparation:


“Coupling urban end-use and utility-scale water-energy hourly models”, by Alvar Escriva-Bou, Jay Lund, and Manuel Pulido-Velazquez.

“Modeling water resource systems accounting for water-related energy use, GHG emissions and water-dependent energy generation”, by Alvar Escriva-Bou, Jay Lund, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez and Josue Medellin-Azuara.

“The value of climate adaptive strategies for water management in the Jucar River Basin, Spain”, by Alvar Escriva-Bou, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez and David Pulido-Velazquez.

Book chapters:

Pulido-Velazquez M., Lopez-Nicolas A., Macian-Sorribes H., Peña-Haro S., Escriva-Bou A. (2014). Potencial de los modelos hidroeconómicos en la en la gestión de sistemas de recursos hídricos, en Solera A. et al., Aplicaciones de Sistemas Soporte a la Decisión en Planificación y Gestión Integradas de Cuencas Hidrográficas, 247-257. Ed. Marcombo, Barcelona.

Conferences (Oral Presentations):

  1. Escriva-Bou, A. (2014), “When water meets behavioral economics: or it is not all about money!”, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, December 15-19, 2014, San Francisco, California.
  2. Escriva-Bou, A.; Lund, J.; Pulido-Velazquez, M.; Spang, E.; Loge, F. (2014), “Optimal urban water conservation strategies considering embedded energy: coupling end-use and utility water-energy models”, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2014, December 15-19, San Francisco, California.
  3. Escriva-Bou, A.; Lund, J.; Pulido-Velazquez, M. (2014), “Modeling Residential Water, Energy, Carbon Footprint and Costs in California”, Proceedings of the Water, Energy and Climate Conference of the International Water Association, May 21-23, 2014, Mexico City, Mexico.
  4. Escriva-Bou, A.; Lund, J.; Pulido-Velazquez, M. (2014), “Residential Water-Energy Modeling”, Proceedings of the 2014 CWEMF Annual Conference: 20 years of supporting the California Water Community, February 24-26, 2014, Folsom, California.
  5. Escriva-Bou, A.; Pulido-Velazquez M.; Pulido-Velazquez, D. (2013), “Hydro-economic analysis of climate adaptive strategies for water management”, Proceedings of the UCOWR/NIWR Annual Conference: Sustaining water resources and ecological functions in changing environments, June 11-13, 2013, Lake Tahoe, California.

Conferences (Posters):

  1. Escriva-Bou, A. (2013); “Residential water-energy use in California: The impacts of spatial, behavioral and household heterogeneity”, Proceedings of the 2013 CWEMF Annual Conference: Modeling to make a difference, April 22-24, 2013, Folsom, California.


Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. American Society of Civil Engineers.

Sustainable Cities and Society, Elsevier.

Environmental Modelling and Software, Elsevier.

Teaching Experience:

  • Teaching Certificate (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain): Spanish official graduate studies to obtain the certificate of teaching. 300 hours (150 hours on academic courses + 150 hours training as a Physics Teacher in the Joan Fuster High School of Sueca, Valencia).
  • University of California Davis: ARE 142: Personal Finance. Teaching Assistant.
  • University of California Davis: ECI 153: Deterministic Optimization and Design. Teaching Assistant.


TEE Erasmus Mundus Programme………………………………. November 2012 – November 2014

  • 25 months mobility stay at University of California Davis funded by the Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Commission under the Transatlantic Partnership for Excellence in Engineering –TEE Project.

International Assoc. for the Exchange of Students for Tech. Experience Scholarship.. Fall 2002

  • Mobility stay at Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Sâo Paulo (Brazil) funded by IAESTE, working on the project “GIS inventory of water supply pipelines in the campus of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas”.

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Office package: Advanced proficiency. I am really good with Excel software, using Visual Basic language to design programs that can be used for different applications.
  • Programming languages: Advanced proficiency in Visual Basic and beginner level in Python.
  • Mathematical programming and optimization: Advanced proficiency in GAMS and Matlab.
  • Statistics: Advanced proficiency in STATA and R.
  • Geographic Information Systems: Advanced proficiency in ArcGIS, Idrisi and GVSig.
  • Graphic design: Advanced proficiency in Autocad.
  • Project Management: Advanced proficiency in MS Project and Presto.
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling: Advanced proficiency in Hec-RAS, GeoHec-RAS, Iber and TETIS.
  • Pipelines: Advanced proficiency in Epanet and SWMM.
  • Lineal infrastructure design: Advanced proficiency in Clip.

Language Skills:

Language                  Reading                              Writing                          Conversation

Spanish                                                    Mother Tongue

Catalan                                                     Mother Tongue

English                    Excellent                        Excellent                        Excellent

Portuguese              Excellent                           Good                             Good


  • Jay R. Lund, Director of the Center for Watershed Sciences and full professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Davis. Phone number: (+1) 530 752 5671. E-mail:
  • Manuel A. Pulido Velazquez, professor of Water Economics at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Polytechnic University of Valencia. Phone number: (+34) 963 879 616. E-mail:
  • Kaveh Madani, Lecturer in Environmental Management, Center for Environmental Policy, Imperial College of London. Phone number: +44 (20) 7594 9346. E-mail:
  • Vicente M. Candela Canales, CEO at Vielca Ingenieros, S.A. and Vielca Medio Ambiente, S.A. Phone number: (+34) 963 604 285. E-mail:

Other interests:

  • I express my research interest and some other scientific-related thoughts in my blog:
  • Amateur musician.

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